To play Madden mobile game you have to follow some specific strategy and tips to move up successfully. If you want to play and enjoy running then go for run plays or you can also go for passing the ball game as well. It is very easy game as you would find when you start playing the game but as you move further up you would find that the going gets tough. Like the saying goes ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’, it is the same in this game. This is the time to get some help to move ahead in the game.

With each tier scaled the competition becomes fierce and tough and the features of the game are very useful provided you know the proper way and time to use them beneficially. It is true that you can use the most helpful and beneficial feature and madden mobile hack to move ahead but for every move such tool may not be enough. Pass plays are far tougher than running plays in Madden Mobile game and requires lots of hard work to reach to the top level. You would find that the defense backs up too and this is when you have to pick and you should try to pick as many sixes as you can.

madden nfl mobile game

You will need to do a lot of running and pass only when you need to and that too accurately. Use the pass on running down and run while passing down feature of Madden Mobile game more often. Follow a game plan like for the first down you should run and for the second and short one as well. When the defense lines up for a run in the second and long phase you should pass and again in the third and short one you should run. When you reach the third and long phase you should not only run but also use the different tackling features like dives and draws.

You would find that the defense is easily manageable when you again run in the fourth and short phase and pass in the long one of it. Passing the ball is a form of art and the safest ones are lobbing the ball down to the Tight end. Therefore, you should get a TE and then learn the passes. Even when your passes get picked the DB would be able to tack it away. When you get picked during passing the ball to the WR chances are high that it would be a six.

Try to avoid the corner routes as they are not the safest option to implement. The safest pass are the curls that you send to the WR or the RB along with flat routes and screens but it is advised that you learn about the defense quite well in this case. Therefore, when you know about the defense well and have a specific strategy for your game no matter whether you are running or passing the ball or not, it is very easy to play the game and win Madden Mobile game it as well.

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